Taking applications for mom friend/grad student commisserator/apostate

I was riding the bus the other day and thinking how, 12 years ago as an undergraduate, I couldn’t imagine taking the bus to campus. I really couldn’t imagine it.

I also had no children. I was the kind of person who would acknowledge the hard work of people who had to deal with work and kids on top of school, but had no idea what it actually required.

Now, I walk my 4 year old to school before rushing to campus for class, meetings, or my teaching assistantship. I rush back after each of these, every day of the week excepting Wednesday (on which I’m usually home) to pick him up.

I found myself looking at the other people on the bus, wondering to what extent their life is like mine. I thought about how cool it would be to meet somebody who is almost exactly the opposite of how I was 12 years ago.

Someone who is a bus rider. Someone who juggles school with multiple other commitments, and sometimes drops the ball. Someone who knows what it is like to have to make difficult choices and who almost never has the time to attend parties, but would like to sit down with coffee and reading every once in a while.

Any takers?


2 thoughts on “Taking applications for mom friend/grad student commisserator/apostate

  1. I am sorry to say my days of riding a bus ended when I moved out of Chicago. I did love the convenience (when a bus showed up on time) and the magic of being transported with little effort on my part to my destination. It was like having a magic carpet ride, except that you often ran into the homeless who would serenade you with drunken regrets. Good luck finding that compadre though.

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