This week on Adventures in Grad School … !

This week on Adventures in Grad School … !

  • I realized I could take the tunnels all the way from the visitor centre/bookstore, which is next to my bus stop, to the building where I take classes and teach … and subsequently realized I was lost.
  • I applied for a part-time job in academic advising and for a grant to start a speculative fiction reading group … more details to follow!
    • As part of these endeavours I shamelessly and awkwardly networked, in the way that only an introvert, trying desperately not to be an introvert, can.
  • Sleep deprivation was a factor in this complex equation.
  • After nearly six months, my townhouse started to feel like home to me.
  • And, I started to feel like a “real grad student” …

… whatever that means. “What does it mean to be a ‘real grad student?’


3 thoughts on “This week on Adventures in Grad School … !

  1. Feeling like a real ‘grad student’ entails much of what you mentioned…plus the overwhelming necessity of working full time while attending grand school in order to pay for it is an added bonus. At least, it was for me. I hope you are more solvent and can just concentrate on studies.


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