Why Speculative Mom?

I have interests in survivalism, transcendentalism, American Romanticism, and higher education. I have worked as a teacher and a tutor. I’m a grad student. I’m an atheist and a feminist. On occasion I write short stories and poetry. So why Speculative Mom?

Well, it rhymes with .com. More than that, however, is that my enduring interest in speculative fiction and my role as a mother are and will continue to be the two aspects of who I am that are most important to me.

I love speculative fiction, especially the science fiction of Octavia E. Butler, every moment of every day.. similarly, I am always a mom. Moreover, these two aspects of who I am have led to many realizations and journeys (which I will share). Finally, I find it is incredibly important to attempt to look at the world and social problems in new (and old) ways.

While the majority of my posts will probably be about speculative fiction, be on the lookout also for advice about applying to graduate school (and scholarships and fellowships), feminist and LGBTQ posts, information about educational opportunities, educational equity, alternative education, atheism, and much more.


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