19 Science-Fiction & Fantasy Novels by Women of Color You Must Read by Anjali Patel

Read: So far from God, The Gilda Stories

Read and loved: Parable of the Sower, Ash, Salt Fish Girl

Must read as soon as possible: The Summer Prince, The Salt Road, The Stars Change, The Lost Girl

Check out the full list by Anjali Patel here:



Support the Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network and Reintegration Academy!

The past year or two has seen a great amount of activity revolving around science fiction and social justice, especially in regards to the work of Octavia E. Butler – the Invisible Universe documentary, Octavia’s Brood, and the Octavia E. Butler Society are just a few examples.

Here’s an amazing cause from the Octavia E. Butler Legacy Network – socially aware sci fi books featuring black and Hispanic protagonists for Reintegration Academy, a 10 week program “enhancing … educational services” in various California prisons and “reduc[ing] recidivism.”


If you cannot donate, please share!!! Or, of course, do both.